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Please feel free to read all the stories of our little fighters. PLEASE NOTE: Not all the photographs in our Little Fighters Albums are nice to look at. Some of the photographs depict the horrid realities of Childhood Cancer. Sensitive viewers should be mindful.

Johnathan Strydom

Here is Johnathan’s story as per mommy Frances:

"Our little boy, Jonathan (or Seun as he is affectionately known by many) was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma (cancer) a week before his 3rd birthday being the 22nd of November 2010 after having what 3 different doctors claimed to be "growing pains" in his one leg. It ended up being lesions from the cancer having spread throughout his body and into his bones. Drs gave us several "death sentences", the last one being the day before his birthday, telling us that he will not live longer than a year. BY THE GRACE OF GOD, my child has "lost" his limp, is running, playing, eating us out of the house...At the beginning of March we redid all the tests (MIBG, MRI, and CT) – the test results came back looking very good, MUCH better then what they looked at the point of diagnosis. There is now only a 13mm lesion (cancer) left on the membrane of his brain, a lesion in his stomach and various other small specs in his abdomen, two tumors coming from his spine and then the main tumor which has shrunk from 3cm by 7cm to 3cm by 2cm, we are immensely grateful for this report and praise the Lord for it. Jonathan went in for surgery on the 25th of May 2010 where one of the tumors was cleanly removed for biopsy. The biopsy showed that 50% of the cells are dead already and so we've restarted a new phase of chemo. On Wednesday (31st August 2011) we are having the last of the chemo of second phase of treatment, and Jonathan is coping well. He has lost all his hair once again but is otherwise doing wonderfully. we are re-testing again early in September to see how far we’ve won the battle.

My child is a gift from God, and, as a good friend of mine said...GOD DOES NOT REDEEM SPECIAL GIFTS! We anoint Jonathan every night with olive oil and he sleeps under a prayer cloth. Please pray with us as we go on this journey holding God’s hand."

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