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Here we acknowledge and thank our Childhood Cancer Ambassadors who have shown that they have Hearts of GOLD by their unsolicited, unselfish deeds in helping Little Fighters Cancer Trust do what we do! Who tirelessly give their time, efforts and very often money as well, to make the lives of our Little Fighters and their families better. These individuals use their sport to do fundraising and create much needed Childhood Cancer Awareness. All of us here at Little Fighters Cancer Trust believe that these souls deserve a special mention, as a sign of our deep appreciation and gratitude.

Francois “FAF” Naude is a 21-year-old, fitness fanatic from Potchefstroom.

Born 6th January 1994. He played a variety of sport in school, with a focus on cricket and athletics. 

Francois is a final year electric and electronic engineering student at NWU-Pukke.

He started running in 2010 with his first race being a 16km race, but he faded away from 2011 to 2014.

In early 2014 he started serious long distance running and started with triathlon in the last quarter of 2014, with the North West Triathlon Championship.

He founded United Challenge in June of 2015 and came across Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s facebook page, and noticed that they advocate Childhood Cancer Awareness as one of the priorities of the work which they do.

Francois, fuelled by a need to DO something, made contact with the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, and offered his time and talents to raise childhood cancer awareness, as well as funds to support the support work we do for children with cancer and their families.

His first major project was the 24 Hour Cycle Challenge (440Km) in October 2015, but sadly he did not complete the race because of extreme heat conditions.

He also takes part in road cycling, road running, duathlon and triathlon races. He completed more than 20 races combined in 2015 and finished 15th in his Age Group in the 5150 African Championships in 2015. 

His passions are adventure, reading, training and spending time with people/working with people and journal. 

He loves to try things that normal people consider insane or impossible. 

His role models are Lance Armstrong, Charley Boorman, Chris Froome, Craig Alexander.

He coaches himself and fund all his races which he races for charity. 

Francois trains around 16 to 18 hours a week.

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