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Here we acknowledge and thank our Childhood Cancer Ambassadors who have shown that they have Hearts of GOLD by their unsolicited, unselfish deeds in helping Little Fighters Cancer Trust do what we do! Who tirelessly give their time, efforts and very often money as well, to make the lives of our Little Fighters and their families better. These individuals use their sport to do fundraising and create much needed Childhood Cancer Awareness. All of us here at Little Fighters Cancer Trust believe that these souls deserve a special mention, as a sign of our deep appreciation and gratitude.

Professional Combat Sports athlete


Sors GURU Grobbelaar is a professional combat sports athlete that actively competes in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), K-1, Low Kick, Kickboxing, Muaythai & Boxing. He has been competing in Martial Arts (mainly Kickboxing) for the last 18 years (since 1997). He has been privileged enough to Officially represent South Africa several times abroad in World Cups and World Championships and he has also won the WAKO African Low Kick Championships in Antananarivo in September 2012.  

He has  a full time job as a SHEQ Officer (Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality) at George Airport and is proud patent to two beautiful girls, Johanli & Emma-Jane’ with his wife Ilse.  He is also an active ambassador for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust and uses his fights to help make people aware of Childhood Cancer. He is the owner and head trainer at Scorpions Martial Arts Academy (Semi, Light & Full Contact Kickboxing, Low Kick & K-1) and Brothers Combat Institute (Muaythai, MMA, Boxing & BJJ)

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