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Cameron bday party

25 May 2014

Cameron is an avid EFC fan, and today he got to spend time with his hero - Sean Robinson, as well as meet Leo Gloss - the King! To say that he was stoked is putting it mildly. But a party would not be a party without first thanking those who helped make it happen:

Loolilocks Koi Farms - Thank you Byron for giving us the venue, &thank you Samantha for jumping in to offer a venue for us! 
Lisa van Loggerenberg - for the catering! Your food rocks, and so your Granny's meat balls - thank you soooooo very much for keeping us all fed.
Carrina Niemand - for rallying around, and co-ordinating so wonderfully, and fitting Little Fighters Cancer Trust into your busy Schedule. 
EFC Africa : Extreme Fighting Championship Africa - THANK YOU, T-shirt and posters for Cameron's Birthday! An amazing bunch with big hearts.
Thank you Fightstar - Tickets were kindly gifted by Grant Oliff of World Of Warriors & Cameron will be a special guest at this weekend's Fightstar Fight Night! Awesome gift Grant!
Zach Midlane from Sale Caps and Clothing ZA - you rocked with the cap signed by some of the WOW Fighters (Hope I got that right) - and thank you to those who took the time to sign - Gordon Roodman, Dave Buirski, Gareth Buirskit, Rory Diesel, Ashley Calvert & of course Sean Robinson & Leo Kim Gloss
To Lisa's friends who generously donated the cool drinks - thank you so much
Shirley Palmer Hulley - thank you very much for the donation (the left over funds from Mother's Day), which came in real handy for sweets & treats.
Kidz Cardz & Party Buckets for the awesome party buckets, they were really cool - loved the artwork! Thank you - it was truly appreciated!
Jenine de Klerk - your organised the most amazing cupcake creations! It was really beautiful, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you
Thank you Dana Ford Signs for your donation - highly appreciated!
And of course - Sean Robinson & Leo Gloss for spending time with Cameron - You guys ROCK big time. Cameron is still in 7th Heaven, and loved that he got to see you!
Little Fighters Cancer Trust appreciates you all - many Blessings x x x

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