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LFCT @ Work

Dante Peak

13 & 14 September 2014

On 13 and 14 September, 2014, anglers from across the Cape, went out in the Dantes Peak Fishing Charters 2-in1 Classic. This was a Rock and Surf PLUS Boat angler event, with more than 1000 tickets sold. 

With over R150 000.00 in prizes, and some really nice fish that came in, the event was no doubt, a success. 

This event was both to raise funds and for#ChildhoodCancerAwareness, and we are so proud that the Gold Ribbon, was displayed clearly at all times. 

At weigh in, there was live entertainment, loads of good food and plenty of music, laughter and fun. 

THANK YOU to every single one of the over 20 gentlemen who rallied together for this amazing effort, and to their families, who all jumped in and supported where need be. 

It was an honor and a pleasure, and thank you for inviting us and a few LFCT Families to join you for weigh in!

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