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Eben Donges High School

24 June 2015

This is one of the most awesome posts you will see.

Eben Donges High School in Kraaifontein became involved with LFCT last year, when they donated a large amount of blankets toward our ‪#‎GetWrapped project. 

So, two days ago, they called and told us they had a few small fundraisers for LFCT at school, and they want to buy what we need for the Bag of Hope and Birthday Bash which will take place on 9 July. We have been asking on this page as well as by mail, for product and financial donations to enable us to do this massive drive.

We had 50 items on our list for one of our projects #bagofhope, multiplied by 16 of each item, last Monday. We had fifteen on that list this Monday, of which I gave Leeroy (from the school student council), a list of ten items, of which they could do any. 

Today, they called and told us they managed to purchase SEVEN of the items on the list! 

This is not an affluent private school. These kids worked hard to raise that money. And they took SEVEN items off our list, whilst many corporates could not manage something as simple as one item, 16 packets of Mari biscuits. 

Should we say this out loud? Yes. We should. It is only the truth. And it gives us hope for the future. Our children's future as well as our Country's future. These Eben Donges students will soon be in the workplace, adults and decision makers. With these beautiful values and selfless compassion, they give us a glimpse of what the future COULD be like. 

We need to look after and take care of our youth. They are our greatest asset. 

Eben may carry your name with Pride. 

Thank you very much too every teacher, student, parent and member of the public, who supported their efforts. 


You guys ROCK!

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