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Get Wrapped Donald Gordon and JHB Gen

16 April 2014

We did Donald Gordon early this morning, and due to the time, we caught a lot of Children & their mommies at wake up time, so unfortunately there is only one photo from this hospital - we still want everyone to have some sort of dignity & pride! The ward was full to capacity, with 12 little Children filling the wards, and a few at the clinic!

Next came JHB Gen - the Paediatric Oncology Ward was abuzz when we arrived - 22 Little Fighters! Due to a policy at the Hospital we are unable to take photos, but a few of the parents did give us permission :-)! Thereafter we went up to the 9th Floor to the Clinic, a further 20 odd Children were running about, colouring in and playing while waiting to be seen to by the staff!

And that wraps up the Johannesburg & Pretoria deliveries! THANK YOU to everyone who donated a blanket (or more) - without you we could not have done this! Namaste!

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