Little Fighters Cancer Trust

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Heini Bday party

17 May 2014

On Saturday, May17th, an amazing group of Little Fighters Cancer Trust Supporters, headed by Sors GURU Grobbelaar, made Heini, one of our brain cancer Fighters, the happiest 5 year old EVER! 

Heini's optical nerves was damaged beyond repair during the removal of his brain tumors, and our mission with this Birthday Party was to make it a day Heini will remember forever. 

A WHOLE lot of people and businesses need to be thanked:

Nico Strydom
Extreme Body Factory George (Andre van Niekerk)
Kristen & Gary Barrett
Tinus & Gabs Oosthuizen 
Lee Pyoos 
Dricus du Plessis 
Annie Grobbelaar 
Kiddies George 
Jani van Niekerk 
Two Brothers Combat Institute 
Jessica Broster – Geskenke 
Nantas & Nicky Grobbelaar 
Kobie Grobbelaar 
Ilse Grobbelaar 
Melanie Crause (for most of these beautiful photographs)
Adele van Reenen
Trudie de Klerk 
Carrina Niemand
Cango Wildlife Ranch
3@1 (Nicky Haasbroek)
Sprint Packaging George 
Wilinda Ford
Cango Wildlife Ranch

THANK YOU to everyone who came on board to make this very special day a reality. 

Sors Grobbelaar, yes my friend, you left yourself off the thank you list. Words cannot express the respect, admiration and gratitude we have for you, and the appreciation of your incredible and passionate Support. Thank you.