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KFM Ground Patrol delivers a donation of toys for our Little Fighters

6 July 2012

From Left to Right: Terence Mentor, Cassidy Da Silva, Candice Botha , KFM Ground Patrol

Early morning on July 6th, 2012, Terence Mentor, Candice Botha and Cassidy Da Silva made time in their busy Ground Patrol schedule to deliver boxes of toys to LFCT in Paarl. 

Cassidy and Terence joined LFCT on a Hospital Outreach not too long ago, and contacted LFCT when they received a donation of toys from a donor.  We are always encouraged by continued involvement by our supporters and friends. 

Thank you KFM Ground Patrol and to the generous donor as well! These toys will make many Little Fighters smile from ear to ear and bring some joy into hospital wards and homes.