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8 May 2016

‪#‎MothersDay project was a massively beautiful success!

Originally, we aimed for delivering a gift to 220 Mommies of Children who have cancer, and is too ill to be able to leave the hospital on Mother's Day.

In the end, we exceeded our target, delivering to 250 Mommies in total! We were also able to treat some Nurses who was working on Mother's Day, and who are dedicated to our ‪#‎LittleFighters during their worst and best times.

Plus, we have a few goodies left over, which we will add to the toiletries in our grocery deliveries.

Each Gift Bag had a minimum of 11 items in it. We received over 3000 individual items in total!

SA Greetings made a wonderful contribution of enough bags, cards, beautiful passport / ID book holders, magnetic bookmarks, scrapbook sticker sets and note books for all the mommies, and we have some left over, which we will add to other projects. It looked really pretty, to have all the bags exactly the same, all over the Country! To those who also donated gift bags, they will certainly not go to waste! We have packed them neatly, and now we have gift bags for the next project, and need not ask again:-)

Stella Scents donated 220 bottles of perfume as well as 170 tubes of hand lotion, which was ever so much appreciated! You cannot believe the Mommie's faces when they went through the gift bags and found actual perfume in there! What a treat!

PinkDrive donated a variety of night creams, sunblocks, wrinkle buster cream, magnets and keyring holders.

Rabie Property Group | sent us R2000 worth of toiletries, chocolates, not books and other goodies we ran short of toward the end.

To Hannon Products for adding value to our Mother's Day Project THANK YOU.

To the First Rugby Team from Hoër Jongenskool Paarl Boys' High Schoolas well as teachers, THANK YOU for the collection of goodies you delivered to help us fill all these gift bags! ETFG!

Lesley and Peter Wagenaar from VdV Properties, THANK YOU for sorting out one entire hospital ward's gifts, helping with packing and sorting, and generally, being awesome Supporters and Friends.

Lesley, Kinie and their daughters spend time writing messages by hand in 250+ Mother's Day cards! THANK YOU LADIES! What a special personal touch!

Three sisters, who lost their Mommy to cancer, pulled together and raised R5400.00 between friends and family, and bought a whole whack of body lotions, chocolates, nail polish, deodorant sprays. Thank You Marietjie, Elmien and Adelé for making the effort, and to everyone who contributed toward your efforts! Your Mommy, we are sure, LOVED you doing this in her Memory!

Arno Botha, Nazley Payne, Tracy McKinnon, Appeltjies Eigelaar, Andrea Bowen, Lauren Hook, Sheetal Soni, Karen Brooks and the other drop-off points who collected and contributed themselves, thank you.

To everyone who dropped off something with these drop-off poiunts, we do not have your names, but could not have done this without your Support! THANK YOU GREATLY!

To the drop off points who were not supported, don't worry at all guys, next project is all yours again, but to Katrin, Marian, Catherine, Ceale, Michelle, Cynthia, Sors, Sunette and Melanie, we appreciate you always giving it your all.

Top Kargo National (Pty) Ltd, who collected, delivered, distributed, pushed through a few Saturday deliveries for us on the 7th of May so that everything would be ready for delivery on Sunday the guys are absolute ROCKSTARS! Thank you for your generous sponsorship of our National transport needs. We could never reach where we do, without you!

To Lauren, Mary, Katrin, Cynthia, Nickey, Kinie and Danni....the ladies who did all the deliveries on Mother's Day....we owe you a massive THANK YOU for taking time away from your own families and children, to make sure every Mommy gets her gift delivered straight into her hands.

If your name is not here, and you made a contribution, please understand, we do not get everyone's names from the drop-off points, and we are only human and this was a HUGE effort with a LOT of individual people who contributed. Gifts reached us with no name, no contact numbers, no details at all.

So many people asked not to be named, but please know, our gratitude extends to you as well, and your Support of our Projects are hugely appreciated.

For all those NOT mentioned, THANK YOU THANK YOU. Every single contribution was MUCH appreciated!

Please feel free to tag yourself or friends of yours who contributed, in this album.

All photographs were taken with permission from the various hospitals, some photographs were provided by the hospitals.

We trust you will enjoy looking through the photographs, and seeing the absolute gratitude and appreciation from these Mommies, whose day YOU made special.

In total, the financial value of the ‪#‎LFCTMothersDay2016 Project was over R90 000.00! WOW WOW WOW!

THANK YOU for making it possible for us to pass along this huge Blessing, to so many Mothers on Mother's Day, who most, in all probability, would not have received anything on this special day.

With great love and deep respect to all involved.



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