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LFCT deliveries to St Joseph Home Oncology

27 September 2013

So, what does LFCT do the day before our biggest annual event, the 2013 LFCT Gold Event? We go and play at St Joseph's Home Oncology!

For the first time ever, we had our National Volunteers with us for the Gold Event, and we took them to do some work.

Being school holidays, the children truly appreciated the large amount of Junior National Geographic and activity sets.

A garden snail joined in the excitement, and lots of laughs and giggles followed with "scaring" the ladies.

We recently received the most beautiful Brooke's Blossoms N Buddies Blossoms and handed them out. As quite a few of the children went home for the school holidays, and there was six of our children in hospital on the day, there was only one young man, and a LOT of ladies. An impromptu modelling session followed the handing out of the Blossoms, and Brooke, the girls absolutely LOVED them! Lots of squirts followed by our young man with his pin on water rose:-)

Of course we took some LFCT branded Fair Cape Dairies 175ml yoghurts, and this was a real treat for all the youngsters. Lots of faces had to be washed, and we were able to leave quite an amount of yoghurts in the ward fridge for the children to enjoy in the following days.

The Media24 Dollies was handed out, and each was chosen with such love and care. Quite befitting the love and care that went into making each of these Dolls

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