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Mandela Day Father and son

18 July 2014

We received an email from Riccardo Pugliese, offering to do something for Little Fighters Cancer Trust as his and his son, Victor Liska's, #67Minutes for #MandelaDay. In the email, it was mentioned, they can build, fix...even produce a movie:-)

Now, we don't have houses to fix, we don't even have offices. BUT, the thought popped up, we have a Little Fighter whose room is not suitable for her to get better in, as the roof leaks. This caused mould to creep in, and our Little Fighter could not sleep in her own room, she had to bunk with mommy. 

So. We made the mention, and immediately, when the situation was explained, these two amazing gentle men, jumped right in. 

They could not start on Friday past, as it was raining, but took the time to pull in the help of some generous friends. Yusuf Batchelor, ever smiling Dude and Ilaria and Julian from Paintiques, all came on board. 

The roof tiles was replaced, mould treated and removed, room painted and prettified. 

It NEVER seizes to amaze us, that amazing people do amazing things for our organization and our Little Fighters. 

To everyone involved, you will never fully understand how much this means to the fmily, and how much it will mean to our Fighter to have a brand new, beautiful and healthy room to come home to. May you and yours be blessed manifold for what you have done. 

Madiba would be very proud.

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