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Mandela Day with Nedbank

17 July 2015

On Friday, 17 July, six Nedbank Volunteers joined the LFCT Team for some of the work which we do on the ground. 

It was pouring down with rain the entire day, but nothing dampened the high spirits smile emoticon

We started off early in the morning with a short brief, explaining what they were to do, AND, giving them their budgets to work within. Nedbank kindly donated the amount of R10 000.00, which had to be used in full, to provide Support to three Childhood Cancer Families.

We took the group shopping, and as they had information on family size, dietary requirements, favourite colours and more, calculator in hand, they were set to hit the Mall!

The Nedbank Volunteers were given an hour for shopping, and two of the groups, after 30 minutes, had only a small amount of goods in their trolleys. Watching their budgets closely, they were a bit nervous at first, but when the ball got rolling, BOY, did it get rolling! The last three minutes before we were to line up the trolleys at cash point number 17, was crazy, with each group realising they still have money to spend, and wanting to spend it wisely.

We have to applaud these six Nedbank volunteers. They all stayed within their budgets, provided MORE than what was on the lists they were given, and could even add a treat or two for the families :-)

After a quick lunch and some reshuffling of goods in cars for delivery to the families, we headed off to the home of one of our Little Fighters, and the Nedbank Volunteers lay vinyl carpeting throughout their home, which was previously raw cement floors.

LFCT was to have the groceries delivered to the Families, but after spending some time getting to know each family on paper before they could shop for them, the Nedbank Volunteers insisted on delivering the goods themselves.

The Families were absolutely overjoyed by their gifts of groceries, clothing, carpeting and more.

We are overjoyed at yet another successful partnership, and look forward to working with Nedbank on future projects!

Dawie, Lucinda, Carol, Carmen, Yolanda and guys were brilliant. We had such fun with you, and appreciate your hard work on the day, and the care you took to ensure that every family receives exactly what they need.

Thank you to Nedbank for making the day possible!

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