Little Fighters Cancer Trust

LFCT @ Work

Miche Matric Ball

22 July 2016

Miché, we hope you had the time of your life at your Matric Ball! You looked absolutely beautiful, and we love the Gold!

We need to thank a few incredible people who we asked to help make her dream night come true, and who did not hesitate even for a second before saying yes. They don't want to be mentioned, as they truly love this girl, but we want them to know how much we truly appreciate them too!

Lesley and Peter Wagenaar from VDV Property, speechless and so much respect and love for both of you. Nothing is ever too much or any trouble for you. Thank you!

Berni Thompson, whom we have never met but who has been a supporter on our page for ages,

We asked for four Harleys to accompany Miché, as that was part of her dream, and you pitch up with 16! Thank you!

To each of those bikers, whose names we do not know, who came despite the rain, thank you so much and go home safely after.

We know lots of her friends and family also jumped in and though we don't know everyone, you guys ROCK!

Dreams DO come true! LIVE yours Miché!