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Mothers day JHB Gen

11 May 2014

Mother's Day at JHB Gen was a huge success - Thank you to Shirley Hulley and her team of Angels who organised and arranged everything. The mommies got the opportunity of breaking away from the norm for just a little while, and needless fun was had by all! The food was great, the gift bags were really well thought out, and one of the Caregivers, a gogo, was so very appreciative and said to Shirley that this was the best day of her life! It is really amazing how something like Mother's Day, which we celebrate once a year can be such a highlight in someone's life! The children joined in as well, there was plenty food to eat, and when lunch time arrived at the ward - no one went to eat boring old hospital food! The children were all in high spirits, laughs and hugs and kisses were dished out - I was right in my element :-), as I got to spend time with all of them!

Again - THANK YOU so very much Shirley for all the effort you and the ladies have put in to make this a really successful day for our Oncology Mom's! You ladies ROCK!!

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