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Mothersday JHB Jen

12 May 2013

On Sunday, May 12th, 2013, LFCT made Mother's Day a special occasion for the Mothers and Children in Peadiatric Oncology at Charlotte Maklekle Hospital. There is a very long list of thank you's. Bernadette da Silva, Vicky Rae, Mojo MotherRussia, Barbara Frew, Frew Studios, Northridge Ladies Circle (No. 7), Edenvale Ladies Circle (No. 6), Golden Sun Spar, Dalrod Office Supplies , Katrin Jansen Van Vuuren, Delia Mallinick. THANK YOU to every person who contributed in any way to making this a memorable and special Mother's Day! The mothers received gift bags and cash which they can use to purchase something they need, an awesome meal, the children received beautiful gift bags filled with treats and toys!