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Southern Cape Garden Route Eastern Cape Little Karoo Road Trip

6 July 2015

Visiting families and doing Hospital ward deliveries:

Recently Thomas and Mandie left Tania to guard the fort and went off on another road trip to dispense love, support, smiles, dignity and Bags of Hope to some of our Little Fighters and their families along the Garden Route, Southern Cape, Eastern Cape and Little Karoo, and do some hospital work in between.

This was a week-long trip that is very difficult to undertake because taking time off from the general organising and fundraising for all the projects that Little Fighters undertakes, including the Mandela Day Project which is coming up later this week, is hectic, but we do what we do with love.

Another definite highlight of our recent 2000+km road trip, is that we now KNOW, we can fit 32 Bags of Hope into one car!

As you might or might not know, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust has NO vehicles. We use privately owned vehicles to do all we do, simply because we do not have the funding to purchase a vehicle, and with the funding which we do have, we cannot justify the expenditure of such a huge purchase while we have Families who need groceries, beds, clothing, hospitals who request product assistance….and more.

When we work away from home, this is a great concern, because our work is so extensive, that we often have to really pack like International Tetris Champions to fit everything in to one car!

Well, we were really worried, and had a Supporter on standby, just in case. However, we made it! PLUS, two boxes of knitted jerseys and two people fitted….not comfortably, but when you WANT to make something happen, you DO!

We do have a Dream though….having our own little bus, so that we can do MORE, transport MORE and reach MORE #‎LittleFighters, hospitals and Families!

We can proudly say that the Little Fighters Cancer Trust is the only Childhood Cancer Support Organization in South Africa, who braves gravel roads, dirt roads, and at times NO roads, to personally, hand-deliver Support to #‎LittleFighters and Families in the most rural areas, families who would otherwise not receive any other form of Support.

We simply wish we had more resources to do these trips more often, but with your continued assistance, we can commit to doing what we can, when we can, and where no one else will go.

And yes, we had a tyre blow out in the middle of nowhere and nothing, but we travel very well prepared!

But when we got over those mountains you see in the background, dirt road all the way, and finally reached the Family, their smiles and hugs were most definitely well worth the rough and tumble drive, waiting for herds of sheep and goats to pass over the road in their own sweet time, the dust, floating eyeballs (as our last stop was verrrrrry far back!) and the cost of two new tyres.


THANK YOU to every Supporter who makes it possible for us to reach the often forgotten. YOUR donations make this all possible.

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