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Sterling EQ endorses LFCT Sporting 4 CHILD CANCER

LFCT and the breath-taking South African super group, Sterling EQ, are no strangers to each other. Sterling EQ performed at the Little Fighters cancer trust’s Annual Gold Event in 2011 and joined LFCT at St Joseph’s Home’s paediatric oncology ward to spend some time with some of our Little Fighters.

We were very pleased to be contacted by Carina Bruwer, Sterling EQ’s manager and flutist, shortly after the first Sporting 4 CHILD CANCER press release. We had a flying meeting with them in Pretoria straight after a performance at the Atterbury Theater. During the meeting they gave LFCT their full endorsement of the project.

It is wonderful that we have the support of this extremely talented group; they are great role models, and brilliant musicians and we are proud to be associated with them. Thank you, Sterling EQ, for all your support of Little Fighters, and welcome to the Sporting 4 Child Cancer team!

With LFCT's focus on taking on the issue of Childhood Cancer Awareness using music to bring our message across, we are very excited about further discussions with Sterling EQ and continuing the existing relationship with these four talented, and big hearted, ladies.

From Left to Right: Carina Bruwer, Mark Oelofse, Eriel Huang, Thomas Engela from LFCT, Ariella Caira and Renate Riedeman