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Swim For Hope

8 April 2016

WELL DONE to ALL ‪#‎SwimForHope2016 Team Members for an incredible swim. Conditions were good, but tough, and each and every one of you can be proud of yourselves!

Incredible to note:

* ALL Swimmers came in with sub-three hour times
* New Male Record, Anthony Pearse
* Youngest ever swimmer to round Cape Point, Saee Sukale
* Second Youngest ever swimmer to round Cape Oint, Prabhat Koli
* First Male Indian swimmer to round Cape Point, Prabhat Koli
* First Female Indian swimmer to round Cape Pont, Saee Sukale

Official Swimmer's Times:

Eben Karsten (15) DNF 
Anthony Pearse (8) 1:39 
Prabhat Koli (13) 1:55 
Justin Coetzee (6) 1:59 
Herman van der Westhuizen (9) 2:02 
Motti Lewis (17) DNF
Heinrich Langner (11) 2:11 
Martin Vleggaar (2) 2:11 
Samantha Whelpton (5) 2:12 
Chris Loker (10) 2:12 
Saee Sukale (12) 2:40 
Arafat gatabazi (14) 2:41 
Mervyn Bremner (3) 2:41 
Derrick Frazer (16) 2:45 
Tony Sellmeyer (4) 2:54 
Richard Child (7) 2:54 
Lindsay de Kock (1) 2:54

Two swimmers had to be pulled from the water due to cold, and we are happy to share that they recovered fully, and would like to thank their support crews and EMS Medical Support for their quick and thorough assistance.

For corporate donations, and issuance of Section 8A and BBEEE documentation, please contact directly.

Thank you to Peter and the Team at Just Shoot Me Digital for compiling this awesome Swim for Hope 2016 video for us.

THANK YOU for everyone's tremendous Support!