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Tygerberg Hospital Ward Picnic

10 September 2015

we went for a picnic in Tygerberg Hospital's Paediatric Oncology Ward, where chocolate cupcake covered smiles and all kinds of treats and gifts, brought some warmth to many hearts.

Carina Bruwer joined us, and had everyone's feet tapping with her magical flute....drumming and tambourine support was provided by the children.


Fair Cape Dairies for the yoghurts, fruit juice and chocolate milk....these were most certainly enjoyed by all, and the children plus their parents, were all very glad about the huge amount of goodies we could leave for them to enjoy over the next couple of days.

Lollos for all the Lollos and Lettie dolls. They have found new homes, and there was plenty of hugs and kisses!

Vineyard Superspar & Tops Southern Paarl for the snack packs, given with so much love.

Daleen Laing for the beautiful, delicious cupcakes. Chocolate was definitely the best choice!

Our Supporters for the blankets, which we could gift every child with, as well as all the mothers, who, in this weather, was really appreciative of the extra warmth. 

Great fun was had by all, although about half the children could not leave their beds to join us, we hand-delivered the picnic to every single room.