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eSeller Solutions sponsor great graphics design talent and support

27 June 2011

After seeing a post by Tania on Barry Hilton’s page, asking for assistance for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, Andre contacted Little Fighters Cancer Trust, offering to design a landing page for the Facebook Page. Once we accepted the offer, his highly talented design team came up with a truly beautiful and also functional design. Once the design has been coded, Deepu from eSeller Solutions will load the landing page onto our Facebook page, and our supporters will have a one stop shop! On the new landing page there will be the basic information of the Trust, a link to the Website, donations can be made there and then, saving our supporters time and effort. After speaking with Andre about the beautiful graphics him and his team came up with by using our old graphics, we will soon be boasting a whole new look! Starting with this month’s Newsletter which the eSeller Solutions team "pimped" up for us!We hope that you enjoy the new look as we will be introducing it to you in stages. We are extremely grateful to eSeller Solutions for capturing exactly what we want to portray. It is also worth mentioning that this is the very first sponsor who has come aboard out of their own.