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LFCT @ Work

We would like to share with you, what we have done and how we do it, and who we do it for.

We need the Support from the public, as well as Corporate world, to enable us to continue doing what we do , and to do even more.

LFCT receives no Goverment funding or major corporate funding. We rely completely on public donations and the small amount of corporate donations and sponsorships we receives.

LFCT Christmas Elf

December 2017

December is LFCT Christmas Elf time, which consists of getting volunteers to act as our representative to get Christmas presents donated, according to a list provided by LFCT, then collecting all presents from across South Africa via our wonderful transport partner, Kargo, who do all our transporting for free.

Once all presents, sweets etc. are in Cape Town, they get sorted packed, boxed up and sent to our Ambassadors in the various provinces, from where they will be delivered to our Little Fighters in the Paediatric Oncology Wards around the 16th December.

Various Christmas Deliveries were made across the country during December; each of our Little Fighter Families also received a Christmas Food Box which included all the basics plus some treats as well as a beautiful Christmas Present for our Little Fighter and each sibling as well.

We were also, courtesy of a fantastic sponsor, able to make some Christmas Wishes come true, including providing one Little Fighter with a new bed and bedding; a stove for another Little Fighter Family; a special pair of shoes for our Teen Fighter who has a prosthetic leg; and the payment of a year’s school fees for another Little Fighter, amongst others.



Aleem’s Wish and Funeral

October 2017

LFCT also put out a plea to make another terminal young lad, Little Fighter Aleem Bowman’s final wish come true – he wanted to go to UShaka Maraine World as Muhammad, with whom he had become friends in hospital, had done the previous year.

Arrangements were basically completed and everything was ready for Aleem and his mommy to go on the trip of a lifetime – to meet Gambit and the other dolphins at uShaka Marine World.

A week before the planned trip an opportunity was presented for Aleem to experience his other love – the love of flying and all things do with flying, speed and height – by going on a chartered flight around Cape Town with his mom and sister on Friday afternoon.

Unfortunately this was also not to be…

They were all gathered at the airport ready to go on the flight then, just before they were about to board the plane, Aleem started vomiting up blood and his nose started to bleed and he was rushed to hospital and unfortunately earned his Angel Wings at 19H20 on 15th October.

The money that had not yet been paid over was used for his funeral instead :'(


Beneficiary Room Make-Over

28 October 2017

LFCT did a very special room make-over for one of our Families in October. There is really nothing worse than to have to stay in a room that is cold and uncomfortable when one is ill, especially if one still has to share that room too.  This project was one of those "Special Projects" that we absolutely LOVE doing as it reaslly makes SUCH a difference in our Little Fighters lives!

Protea Hotel Marriott Stellenbosch treated the Family to a weekend of relaxation and gave them space to breathe after recent hardships while Team LFCT and volunteers went to work on the make-over.  

It was really a massive surprise for them to come home to!

Thanks to all who had a part in making this happen!


Butterflies for Shanaya

October 2017

In October we were introduced to Little Fighter Shanaya Govender, who at a mere 3 years of age had been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma on 13 September 2017. The bottom half of her left humerus has been eaten away was fractured, and the cancer had also spread to her lungs.

Shanaya was really ill and very upset that her gorgeous long hair was falling out from the chemotherapy treatments, and, as we had been informed that she loves butterflies, we did a butterfly drive for our Butterfly Princess so that her dad could put butterflies up all over her room.

The butterflies were also to remind Shanaya that caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies (in other words her hair will grow and she will be beautiful again).

Well, the photos can attest as to how successful the campaign was (and that is just a few of the butterflies donated)…. And she LOVES them!


Garth Taylor Charity Fight 2017

15 September 2017

Garth Taylor, a constant hit-churner in the South African music industry over the past 17 years and an avid fitness fanatic whose second passion is kickboxing - he won the South African Amateur Kickboxing Champion title in the Light Contact category in 2014 - once again went into the ring for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Garth decided to LITERALLY FIGHT for Children with Cancer during International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and took to the ring On Friday, 15 September 2017 during the "White Collar Boxing 19" event at Scarlett Ribbon in Greenstone Park.

Garth said:

After having my sister, Joanne, taken away from me by cancer, I have even more of a soft spot toward people who are fighting cancer.

Having watched what she went through as an adult fighting this disease, I can only imagine how much worse it is for children who are suffering from cancer, to fight this battle.

So, I figured, how bad can it be? Me, stepping into the ring and getting punched around for kids who are fighting for their lives every single day. I might as well see what I can do, if not through my singing, then by getting into the ring and doing something more exciting, so that people and companies pledge money and hopefully we can raise enough funds to help these little kids.

I see cancer as a big bully hurting these children, and that is what I will be fighting.”

Garth once again won his fight and thereby raised some much needed funding for LFCT.

Garth also made one of our Teen Fighters, Kyle’s, wishes come true! Kyle is Garth’s biggest fan, and Garth made his day by taking him on an outing all over Cape Town a few weeks after the fight – Kyle was in 7th Heaven!!!

Kyle and his mom were treated to a visit to the Cape Town Castle of Good Hope, where they saw some great sites, and then on to the V&A Waterfront where they looked at anything and everything and had lunch.

What REALLY made Kyle's day was that Garth gifted Kyle with his Winner's Medal - Kyle wore it proudly and would not take it off (we have a sneaky suspicion that he may have slept with it on too).

THANK YOU Garth, for being such a MENSCH!!!




LFCT Open Day

7 September 2017

September is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and once again the Little Fighters Cancer Trust was hard at work trying to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness by sharing information and Personal Stories.

While many of our supporters are vaguely aware of what we do via our Social Media posts etc. we decided that as we now actually had offices, it was time to hold LFCT’s very first Open Day!

We invited Business Owners and Managers, CSI or Charity Projects Staff / Teachers who run community projects at the various local schools / Individuals who do charity drives at Churches and Sports Clubs and also Members of the Public and ANY interested individuals to come and see what we do Nationally from our small HQ in Paarl, with a full-time staff of only 3.

All of our projects were exhibited and we walked everyone through, explaining exactly what we do and answering any questions they had.

The aim of this Open Day was to focus attention on Childhood Cancer Awareness, but also to hopefully garner more local Support for our Projects and also Pre-Loved Charity Shoppe. 

There was complimentary coffee / tea / juice and cupcakes for each attendee as well as pamphlets, gold ribbons with little Childhood Cancer Early Warning Signs cards and much more.


Romans Pizza Party - Tygerberg Hospital

4 August 2017

Thanks to the LFCT Supporters who nominated us in a Facebook run Mandela Day Charity Pizza Give-Away by Roman’s Pizzas, August was Pizza party time, and who does not love pizza!!

We were tremendously blessed to be able to deliver 60 piping hot, fragrant and delicious pizzas to the Paediatric Oncology Ward and Clinic at Tygerberg Hospital, which allowed us to spoil all the Little Fighters, Parents, Doctors and Nursing Staff with lunch, which was highly appreciated.

When we entered the rooms to do the deliveries, many a Little Fighter sat up, eyes bright, big smiles on their faces, and we even had a little finger curling, calling us silently to come closer.

The Doctors and Nurses who do so much for these children and parents also appreciated the well-deserved treat tremendously.

THANK YOU Roman's Pizza, and especially the Roman's Pizza Athlone branch, whose staff were absolutely terrific!

THANK YOU to the LFCT Supporters who nominated us in a Facebook run, Mandela Day Charity Pizza Give-Away.

THANK YOU Callie for driving us around again today.



Romans Pizza Party Red Cross G1

3 August 2017

Thanks to the LFCT Supporters who nominated us in a Facebook-run Mandela Day Charity Pizza Give-Away by Roman’s Pizzas, August was Pizza party time, and who does not love pizza!!

We were also very blessed to be able to spoil all the Little Fighters, Parents and Staff at Red Cross G1 Oncology Ward with Romans Pizza, juices and some more blankets!

Athlone Romans Pizza staff were really awesome. They prepped the 70 pizzas before we arrived and the tower of pizzas on the counter was so high the staff had to stand on little crates to manage to get the rest piled on as well!

We quickly offloaded at arrival, sorted out which goes where and started gifting immediately, so the pizzas were still nice and hot! Many of the Little Fighters and Parents who came in to Outpatient Clinic waited for us before they went home, so we first handed out there. Off to the ward next, where we could not do room to room deliveries due to infections, but all the parents came out to collect for themselves and their Little Fighters.

We did peep into some rooms from a distance though, and BOY, those smiles behind open pizza boxes were HUGE!

We were also SO Blessed by Supporters having donated so many blankets for our #GetWrapped Project this year that we could gift every child with a new blanket as well.

THANK YOU Romans Pizza and Romans Pizza Athlone for your incredible generosity. We will be spoiling 650 #LittleFighters, Parents and Staff all over South Africa.

THANK YOU to Red Cross G1 Staff for always welcoming us with open arms and a smile. Your dedication in what you do daily is highly valued and much appreciated.

THANK YOU to the LFCT Supporters who nominated Little Fighters Cancer Trust as a Roman's Pizza Mandela Day Pizza Give-Away Beneficiary.

THANK YOU to Callie, who drove Mandie and all those fragrant pizzas around.


Romans Pizza Party – Albert Luthuli Hospital

1 August 2017

Thanks to the LFCT Supporters who nominated us in a Facebook run Mandela Day Charity Pizza Give-Away by Roman’s Pizzas, August was Pizza Party Time, and who does not love pizza!!

Vasie and Seelan from Sitara Energy were our hands in Durban - they were able to spoil so many #LittleFighters, Parents and Staff at Albert Luthuli Hospital - delivering 52 large pizzas on our behalf and surprising everyone with pizza for lunch!

A treat every now and again is as good as a holiday, and little eyes were so fixed on lunch that even the chemo drips went in quicker and with less trauma than usual.

THANK YOU ROMANS PIZZA! THANK YOU supporters for nominating LFCT and our #LittleFighters

 THANK YOU Vasie and Seelan from Sitara Energy for being our hands in Durban and doing all our deliveries on our behalf


Romans Pizza Party - Greys Hospital PMB

1 August 2017

Thanks to the LFCT Supporters who nominated us in a Facebook run Mandela Day Charity Pizza Give-Away by Roman’s Pizzas, August was Pizza party time, and who does not love pizza!!

Lauren Hook, our PMB Rep delivered a lovely treat of pizzas to all the Little Fighters, Caregivers and Staff at Grey’s Hospital and reports that there were huge smiles from all. Everyone enjoyed the break in routine and the very fragrant, fresh pizzas and they all thanked her, Romans Pizza and LFCT profusely for the wonderful treat.

THANK YOU Romans Pizza for your incredible generosity – we were able to spoil 650 Little Fighters, Parents and Staff across South Africa.

THANK YOU Lauren Hook for being our hands in Pietermaritzburg and taking care of our deliveries.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the Supporters who nominated LFCT and made this possible!



Romans Pizza Party Port Elizabeth

28 July 2017

Thanks to the LFCT Supporters who nominated us in a Facebook-run Mandela Day Charity Pizza Give-Away by Roman’s Pizzas, August was Pizza party time, and who does not love pizza!!

While we were delivering blankets to the hospitals in Cape Town, our Mother-Daughter Team in Port Elizabeth delivered a massive treat to PE Provincial and St George's Hospitals.

We could deliver FORTY delicious, warm and nom-nom-nom pizzas in PE, so all the #LittleFighters, Mommies and Staff were spoiled!

THANK YOU to our Supporters who nominated LFCT and all our Supporters for making everything we do possible!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU Romans Pizza for your incredible generosity – we were able to spoil 650 Little Fighters, Parents and Staff across South Africa.


Get WRAPPED Family Support

July 2017

Get WRAPPED Goodies and Food Parcels were also sent to many of our Little Fighter Families.

Winter is tough on everyone and even more so on households where Childhood Cancer is present because there is no spare money to purchase the type of winter food that sticks to one’s ribs, filling one up and also keeping one warm. Children with Cancer need to eat well in order to build up their immune systems and get well.

New warm winter clothes and warm blankets are also not within the budget yet very necessary as Children with Cancer generally get very cold while undergoing treatment for their cancer and this can make them feel worse. Soft warm blankets and warm winter clothing helps keep them warm.

Every Family also received a Family Support Box containing some lovely warm blankets plus the basics and some nice winter foodstuffs - local families also received fresh and frozen goodies.


Get Wrapped Red Cross

27 July 2017

We delivered warm and fluffy blankets to Red Cross's G1 (Paediatric Oncology Ward) and every child and every parent got gifted with some LFCT warmth and love!

The Ward itself was under lockdown due to a virus and no outsiders were permitted entry, so the mountains of blankets were handed over to Staff, who did the gifting in the Ward.

We were at least able to gift the blankets personally and share some smiles in the outpatient clinic.

THANK YOU to McCarthy Toyota Paarl for being our chariot and sponsoring a vehicle and driver for today's deliveries.

THANK YOU as well to every Individual LFCT Supporter who donated blankets. This is what we do with your Generosity!


Get Wrapped Tygerberg Hospital

27 July 2017

We delivered lovely, warm blankets to G3 (Paediatric Oncology Ward) at Tygerberg Hospital and also spent a bit of time with the Children, Mommies and Staff, who were all delighted by the gifting.

The blankets were hand-made by Blanket Angels, a project which creates employment for Women through making these, and other products.

We spent a bit of time with the Children, Mommies and Staff, who were all delighted by the gifting.

We even got to play a bit of peekaboo with a #LittleFighter who was in an awesomely playful mood😁

THANK YOU to McCarthy Toyota Paarl for being our chariot and sponsoring a vehicle and driver for today's deliveries.

THANK YOU as well to every Individual LFCT Supporter who donated blankets. This is what we do with your Generosity!


Get WRAPPED Grey’s Hospital PMB

27 July 2017

Our Rep Lauren Hook delivered a whole carload of lovely soft, snuggly warm winter blankets to the Little Fighters at Grey’s Hospital as well as to their parent/bedside caregiver, and both the Mommies and Staff were SO grateful for this gifting,

There were massive smiles of joy and gratitude all round as they snuggled up all nice and toasty and just enjoyed the love and light that Lauren always spreads around.

THANK YOU to every Supporter who contributed toward our annual #GetWrapped Project!

THANK YOU Lauren, for being our hands and heart in Pietermaritzburg! Much Gratitude <3


Oiltanking Mandela Day - Albert Luthuli Hospital

15 July 2017

We do #MandelaDayEveryDay, and are honoured when Individuals and Companies want to join us in special efforts.

OILTANKING initially became involved with the Little Fighters Cancer Trust's Get Wrapped Project, donating 150 soft snuggly blankets with the LFCT logo on, then decided to step it up a notch, and not only donate the beautiful blankets, but to add a special Mandela Day gift bag for every Little Fighter in the ward on the day.

They spread some warmth, but also a LOT of love a few days before Mandela Day, proving that the Mandela Day Spirit should not be limited to just one day in a year!

The visit and gifting was much appreciated by the Hospital, the Little Fighters, as well as their Care-Givers and Oncology Staff.

THANK YOU to everyone at OILTANKING who jumped in to make this a very special effort indeed! You are most appreciated and your Support to LFCT, greatly valued.

(Photographs with permission of Parents and Hospital)


Mandela Day Port Elizabeth

18 July 2017

It is always extra special when Rochelle Momberg, a Little Fighter herself until a few years ago, does our outreaches and hospital deliveries for us where our own hands cannot always reach.

Rochelle and her Mommy, Vicky, know exactly how it feels to sit in a paediatric oncology ward far from home for days, sometimes weeks on end. The two of them, plus Gran, made the time to brighten the day for some Little Fighters and Bedside Care-Givers.


Drakenstein Municipality Corporate Services Mandela Day with LFCT

18 July 2017

The Drakenstein Municipality Corporate Office Staff spent their #67Minutes for #MandelaDay with Little Fighters Cancer Trust - sorting out, counting, packing (and even taking home to wash), stock for the LFCT Pre-Loved Charity Shoppe.

These Ladies and Gents saved us HOURS of work, which means we can DO MORE!

They did not come empty-handed though - upon arrival they also handed over a very welcome donation of nappies and small size adult diapers, as well as some non-perishable foodstuffs, cleaning materials and toiletries which were sent out to our #LittleFighters and their Families as part of our Family Support efforts.

With a small staff and the massive loads of work that goes into making everything happen at the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, helping hands are always so very welcome and highly appreciated. 

THANK YOU to every individual who came along to spend some hands-on time helping! 

Sustainability Products were also there with help in the form of building some much-needed shelving for our Charity Shoppe.


Drakenstein Fire Department Early Mandela Day LFCT HQ Move

15 July 2017

July is generally a very busy month for LFCT, but despite this, due to flooding and other problems in the premises that housed our headquarters and Pre-Loved Charity Shoppe, we once again had to move – thankfully only a few doors down.

LFCT does various Mandela Day Projects annually, but his time it was a bit different – WE were the ones desperately in need of assistance!

At this stage LFCT consisted of three permanent staff members - all ladies - and there was a massive load of pre-loved stock, hospital and family Support stock, office furniture and equipment and electronics which we needed to move "two doors down" in the same road - not far, but an impossible task for us without help. 

The call went out for help and the troops rallied with gusto! Members of the Drakenstein Fire Department stepped in and decided to do their annual 67 Minutes for #MandelaDay activities a couple of days early, and turned up in droves to help! 

They CARRIED every single item we needed moved over, down the road for us. It was such an incredible effort, and on these photographs, you will ONLY see smiles. The guys and gals were joking, laughing, smiling and refused to let any of us lift a single item. A far cry from what we are used to, seeing as we usually end up doing all the heavy lifting ourselves!

They were incredible! The individuals in civilian clothing, are members that actually came to help on their off-day! Once everything had been moved over, the ladies from the response room came to help us sort out what goes where. 

The ENTIRE MOVE, took a mere 1h12m to do!

Absolutely incredible! We cannot thank the DRAKENSTEIN FIRE DEPARTMENT enough. We would still be carrying boxes and crates over if it was not for them! The very best of all was the amazing attitude every single team member displayed.

Derek, Team.....THANK YOU, from the very bottom of our hearts. We know LFCT is close to yours, and a fire of compassion for the work we do for Children Fighting Cancer and their Families burns in your hearts. When you left, we had tears of gratitude stinging behind the eyelids, knowing that you will never know what your wonderful gesture means to us. With love, respect and endless appreciation....THANK YOU.


Peer Recognition LFCT Blog

June 2017

June also brought forth peer recognition for the LFCT Blog once more, in the form of a letter from the Founder of Feedspot, stating that our blog had been selected by their panellists as one of the Top 75 Childhood Cancer Blogs on the web.

This is the most comprehensive list of Top 75 Childhood Cancer Blogs on the internet and we are honoured to have received this award.

These blogs are ranked based on following criteria:

  • 1.       Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • 2.       Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • 3.       Quality and consistency of posts.
  • 4.       Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

The LFCT blog was placed 5th behind International Big Guns such as the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO), Kensington, MD; Children's Cancer Research Fund, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Children's Cancer Institute, Sydney, Australia; and Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska

We are honoured to be selected amongst such revered company and PROUDLY display the "Awarded Top 75 Childhood Cancer Blog" Badge on our blog!


Cape West Girl Guides SA

June 2017

In June LFCT partnered with the Cape West Girl Guides SA – these wonderful young ladies distributed close on 500 Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer Posters throughout the Western Cape, spreading much needed Childhood Cancer Awareness in their Communities.

They also collected gently preloved goodies for our Charity Shoppe and filled up 98 donation tins with small change for LFCT.

A BIG Thank You to every one of these young ladies.


Mother’s Day Port Elizabeth

7 May 2017

Mother’s Day 2017 in Port Elizabeth was also really very special and dear to our hearts as #LittleFighter Rochelle Momberg ( who is now in remission and was crowned Miss Teen Port Elizabeth in 2016) and her Mommy Vicky handled the PE Mother’s Day Deliveries.

We sent them all the goodies, they packed the gift bags, and spent a lovely afternoon spoiling these Onco Mommies, who were tremendously surprised and extremely grateful. They also left gifts for Mommies whose Little Fighters was expected to be admitted later during the day.

THANK YOU to every Individual and Business who contributed to make our Port Elizabeth #MothersDayDelivery possible! May you and yours be Blessed!


Mother’s Day Red Cross Hospital

7 May 2017

What a morning it was! Surprising the Mommies at Red Cross G1, whose #LittleFighters were too ill to go home for Mother's Day Weekend, when they did not expect any visits, never mind a gift!

With Grace, most of the Mommies could go home, so we could also spoil the Doctors and Nurses who Fight side by side with all the #LittleFighters every day! We could also leave gifts with Doc for Mommies whose #Fighters were scheduled to be admitted later during the day.

It is amazing to see the Mommies absolutely BLOOM when they receive their gifts.

Some of these Mommies live hundreds of kilometres away from Cape Town and may have had to leave their home-town urgently by ambulance in order to get their child to the hospital as quickly as possible.

One specific Mommy had tears in her eyes as she did not have time to go back home to pack anything for herself before the ambulance left... the joy of simply having the luxury of toiletries truly is touching.


THANK YOU to every person and business who contributed in any way to make this possible! May you and yours be Blessed.



Mother’s Day Tygerberg Hospital

7 May 2017

Our 2017 Mother’s Day gifting at Tygerberg Hospital was very special as #LittleFighter Kyle, who was diagnosed two days before Mother's Day last year, spent a long time in this ward during his own Fight while undergoing treatment, and he and his parents accompanied LFCT to spread some love.

Each mother picked her own very beautifully wrapped gift (thanks to the Blossoms) and it warmed our hearts to see the excitement and beautiful smiles on those normally very stressed and tired faces.

While the ward was not full and we always cater for maximum capacity, nothing was wasted as this allowed us to also spoil the Doctors and Nurses, who are SO dedicated in their care of each one of these Little Fighters, as well as being able leave gifts for the Mommies who would be coming in later during the day.

THANK YOU to every individual and business who contributed in any way, to make this happen! May you and yours always be Blessed.


Princesses and Superheroes Party

7 April 2017

On the afternoon/evening of 7 April the Little Fighters Cancer Trust held a Princesses and Superheroes Party at Zanddrif for our Little Fighters as part of a 5 hour Family Fun-Filled Program.

From early in the day the Fairies, Elves, Gremlins and other good peeps were all very busy flitting and running around making sure that everything was just so for our Little Fighters and their Families.... Jumping castles had to be set up, hundres of balloons had to be blown up, tables had to be set with wonderful Princess and Superhero themed EVERYTHING from cups to tablecloths, serviettes to plates... and then there were all the themed eats and the PRESENTS - everything to make little eyes grow REALLY wide and frowns turn upside down into HUGE grins.

This was the day that LFCT was going to make unforgettable for these Little Fighters and their siblings - and the parents had just as much fun as they did...

The party was attended by 94 Little Fighters & their Families as well as all LFCT Staff, Trustees and various Volunteers. Transport was arranged and paid for by LFCT for those who required it, and a wonderful time was had by all.

There were balloons, themed paper plates and serviettes, themed cupcakes, gifts, sweets, biscuits, party packets, face painting, slides and jumping castles, and plenty of Princesses and Heroes to entertain the Little Fighters and give the weary parents a bit of time to relax as well as see their Little Fighters having GREAT fun.

Little faces that knew only pain and suffering were transformed into Fantasy Creatures by a wonderful face painter, and Princesses danced the actual Princess Dance while Superheroes weight-lifted some of our Little Fighers to their utter delight.

Early evening saw the families moving to the boma for some live entertainment, dancing, and a buffet dinner of mini-hamburgers, mini-hotdogs, mini-pizzas etc. There was singing, there was dancing, there was LOADS of joy and laughter - and for just a while the accursed cancer took a back seat while everyone celebrated LIFE in the best way possible - with Loved Ones - in a Fantasy World free of all worry and cares...

By the time they all left there were just happy faces and sleepy smiles while playing in Fantasy Land in their dreams....



Helen’s Story – Retinoblastoma

March 2017

LFCT is often approached to assist parents of Children with Cancer to tell their story, and we were approached in this case by a mother to help explain her toddler daughter’s cancer to her classmates who had been teasing her because she only had one eye.

We did this by compiling an e-book aimed at 4yr-old toddlers, explaining what Retinoblastoma is, how it gets treated and that the little girl is still the same, and no different than her classmates, and that is hurts her when they tease her about her eye. It also explained that Helen would be getting a prosthetic eye at a later stage and then nobody would be able to tell the difference, and that she would be able to do anything that someone with two eyes can do.

Helen was diagnosed with cancer (Retinoblastoma) at the age of 8wks old. The only way to save her life was to have her eye removed, but because she was so young, it was decided that her prosthetic eye would have to wait for a bit, which caused little Helen some problems at play school.

Children will be children, and the 4yr olds started asking a lot of questions about the 2 year old, one-eyed toddler - one child said Helen is a pirate because she only has one eye, and the children would try to touch the eyepatch, which scared Helen a bit...

While Helen's mommy felt that her daughter was quite confident despite her traumatic start to life, the teacher was a bit worried and wanted to ensure that her confidence was not destroyed, and thought this a good opportunity to educate the children about Childhood Cancer and also teach them that some things are just not appropriate to say.

The mom and teacher let us know that that book was great and helped a lot – they used it to inform the children about Helen’s situation and also about Childhood Cancer in general.



Tygerberg Hospital Visit and Gifting

27 January 2017

After visiting Red Cross G1, Little Fighters Cancer Trust visited Tygerberg Hospital's Paediatric Oncology Unit to deliver a bit of a treat and cheer to all the Patients, parents and Staff in the Ward and Outpatient Clinic. 

Mommies joined us in the Play Room for cake, and juice, and there was a lot of laughter and sharing, as everyone could take a short breather. 

We visited each Patient in his/her room, except for the #LittleFighters in isolation, who’s Mommies took them their gifts. Each #LittleFighter received, on this, very first rainy day in Cape Town for a long while, a warm, fluffy and beautiful blanket, kindly donated to LFCT by Seeff Paarl, and a snack pack with a small game/gift. 

All the hugs and smiles and laughter, despite being in a Paediatric Oncology Hospital Ward, was just incredible, and the Mommies enjoyed the treat and boost, just at the start of the weekend. We also left some snack packs which were over after everyone got theirs, with the Unit Manager, who would be surprising the Outpatient 

A special thanks to Seeff Paarl, Kinie Bonnet, Louise and Kaylin Schwab



Red Cross Hospital Visit and Gifting

27 January 2017

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust visited Red Cross Children's Hospital's Ward and Outpatient Clinic to deliver a bit of a treat for both Patients and Parents.

Unfortunately, due to the Ward being under lockdown for the past few months, we were not able to go into the ward itself, but Shehaam, the G1 Social Worker, did that part of the delivery and gifting on our behalf.

We were able to spend a little time with the Patients and Parents in the Outpatient Clinic, where these photographs were taken with Hospital and Parent permissions.

A whole trolley of cakes, crisps and juice was made available to parents and Staff, and every Patient received a snack pack with a small gift, and a lovely, fluffy red blanket, kindly donated to LFCT by Seeff Paarl!

It worked out perfectly, as this happened to be the first rainy, cold day in Cape Town for a while! It was such a Blessing, being able to brighten up the morning for so many #LittleFighters and their Parents.

A special thanks to Seeff Paarl, Kinie Bonnet, Louise and Kaylin Schwab