Little Fighters Cancer Trust


Back to School


In many childhood cancer families, there are siblings in the home, and with one parent having had to leave his/her employment to take care of the child with caner around the clock, there is less income, but more expenses, and the siblings are hugely affected.

In January, we provide as many as possible of the individual families whom we support’s school going siblings with school bags, stationary, and if funds permit, school uniforms and school shoes.  

Donations needed:

  • School bags
  • Stationary sets (Colouring pencils, scissors, blue pens, red pens, ruler, sharpener, HB lead pencils)
  • Flip files
  • Pencil case/bags
  • Book covering paper and plastic plus calotype
  • School socks and shoes
  • Money to buy specific school uniforms

If you would like to sponor or donate towards this project please contact or