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Barefoot 4 A Day


Barefoot for A Day.

The idea behind this initiative is to inspire the community to Give and to Work Together. People from the community is encouraged to go to school, church or work as per normal, dressing as you would on any other day. However, the shoes you happen to have chosen to wear that morning, you take off at work, at school or wherever you are, and gift it to the project. You then go barefoot for the entire day, as a reminder of how uncomfortable it is for those who do not have the blessing of a pair of shoes. Drakenstein Transformation will collect all the shoes by arrangement, and will distribute to those in the community who have a need for shoes. 

Although this project does supply shoes to a wide variety of community initiatives, projects and organizations, the philosophy it works at building is, that it does not matter who you are, you do have something to give. Whether it is the shoes, or even your time in helping to sort out the shoes for distribution, we need to change the mind-set of South Africans to take action.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust became involved with this project, and with agreement from Drakenstein Transformation, we are adapting the basic idea slightly, keeping in mind the specific needs of Children with Cancer. 

As you will know by now, we rarely distribute second hand goods to Children with Cancer as their immune systems are depleted due to their treatments. 

The original aim of this project was to collect 100 new pairs of shoes, which we wanted to deliver to the Paediatric Oncology Ward at St Joseph’s Home in Cape Town. This was to offer some relief to this amazing institution, which houses up to 80 Children with Cancer annually. Proof that we can ALL work together to BE the change we want to see in the World!

However, the Barefoot for a Day Project grew exponentially. We have run Barefoot for a Day over the last two years, and in total, have gifted almost 2 000 children with cancer with a decent pair of shoes.   

It takes only that very first person to take action...and many will follow.

Donations of pairs of new shoes are most welcome, but, as we haggle with stores for discounts and better deals, having NPO and PBO status, we also accept financial contributions toward the barefoot for a Day Project. 

Product Donations Needed for this Project: Children’s shoes, boy and girl, all sizes. Deliveries are made to 0-18 year olds. 

This is an example of a Staff Involvement Project for Corporate Companies and Businesses. 

To become involved in the next Barefoot for a Day effort, please contact LFCT’s Project manager or

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