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Get Wrapped


Get Wrapped

“A Child needs to be wrapped warmly against the cold realities of Life. The only arms which can reach everywhere are those of Community. So in the run-up up to winter, let’s make it warm, safe and filled with love for Children with Cancer across our Land”

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust Get Wrapped Project was born out of our visits to Paediatric Oncology Hospital wards across South Africa. During these visits we realised that even though some hospitals are better equipped than others, there was a dire shortage of and need for decent bedding at most of the hospitals.

No child should have to go without decent bedding and a nice soft warm blanket to keep them warm in the cold winter months, let alone a child Fighting Cancer with all their might. Children undergoing chemotherapy treatment also get very cold during the treatment and it is terrible to see them shivering and shaking from cold.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust Get Wrapped Project entails asking for donations of new single bed blankets, preferably soft blankets due to the children’s sensitive skins due to some of the treatment regimens.

Only new blankets are accepted due to the compromised immune systems of the Children with Cancer.

Get Wrapped is a project which sees us deliver 3000+ new single bed size blankets to children with cancer in hospital wards, as well as to all the individual families and family members, of the individual families whom we support. These need to be new and soft blankets as little one’s skins can be very sensitive due to treatment. 

Product Donations Needed for this Project: New, soft, single bed size blankets

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