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International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Approximately 80% of the around 200 000 diagnosed Childhood Cancer cases worldwide are in developing countries, including South Africa. 

The severe lack of Awareness surrounding Childhood Cancer reflects in the extremely poor rate of diagnosis; approximately only 33% of Childhood Cancer cases in South Africa are correctly diagnosed. 

Earlier diagnosis affords a Child with Cancer a much higher chance of survival as 70% of Childhood Cancers are 100% curable… IF diagnosed in time! 

The Child Cancer Survival Rate in developed countries like the USA and Europe is between 80% and 90%; in developing countries like South Africa the survival rate is a shocking 10% to 20%. 

An increase in early diagnosis will only come about as a direct result of increased Awareness around the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer. In South Africa, only approximately 700 children are diagnosed with cancer annually; up to 1 500 children are either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. 

Childhood Cancer treatments currently result in 60% of Children with Cancer suffering lifelong health and developmental problems. Earlier diagnosis would mean shorter treatment periods, hence a better chance of long-term quality of life.  

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is dedicated to educating South Africa and to creating increased Childhood Cancer Awareness 365 days a year, with the highlight of its efforts being during September, International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.   

We ask individuals and companies to GO GOLD in any way they can social media, changing the colour on their websites, adding gold ribbons and early warning signs posters and pamphlets to their offices, do childhood cancer awareness talks the statistics for childhood cancer in South Africa is shocking. Due to the lack of awareness surrounding childhood cancer, less than a third of actual childhood cancer cases in South Africa, is actually diagnosed annually. Hence, a lot of children with cancer, die before they even had any chance for treatment.   

Donations and Sponsorships for Early Childhood Cancer Warning signs DL pamphlets and laminated A1 size posters are constantly needed. Please liaise with us concerning the costs, as quotations by printers are time limited.   

If you would like to donate or sponsor towards the Early Childhood Cancer Warning signs please contact

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