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Soozies Baby Bag Project


"In memory of Sue Kelly"

Soozies Baby Bag Project was born from a culmination of need and love.

Imagine yourself in the position of a rural Mother, whose baby had a fever for days, and who takes her baby to the clinic early one morning, when fever syrups and cool baths don’t work anymore.

The Clinic Sister can’t find a reason for the fever, and refers you to the closest town, to see a doctor at the local hospital. This doctor seems concerned, and once again, you and your baby are referred to another Town, where there is a bigger hospital.

Getting to this hospital, tests are done, and you are told that your baby has cancer, and that you will be taken to a Regional Hospital, which has a paediatric oncology unit.

What started off as a 5 km journey to your local community clinic this morning has ended up in a 600 km journey away from home, with your baby on a chemo drip by 17:00 that evening.

Apart from fear and sadness, you realize, you don’t have much money with you, and you realise you don’t have much with you for either yourself, or your baby. Shaking concern for yourself, you try to work out how long it will be before you run out of diapers, lotions and in the travel; your baby lost the only dummy you had on you.

Alone in a strange place, under the worst circumstances you could ever imagine your baby to be in, you don’t know where to turn and what to do.

A kind face appears round the door, and a lady walks in, hands you a big bag with a green frog on it, and says, “This is for you Mama”.

When you open the bag after the kind lady leaves, tears of gratitude sting your eyes. Biting hard on your lip, you find wet wipes, a face cloth, towel, a new baby blanket, teddy bear, a big pot of Aqueous cream, baby wash, ear buds, two new bottles, a dummy and a pretty bib, even a bowl and spoon, baby nail scissors, a bottle brush, teething ring, baby powder and bum cream all packed neatly in a bag, with a little note which reads, “With Love, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust and Supporters”.

This, in short, is what our Soozies Baby Bag Project is about.

We aim to pack and distribute 100 Soozies to newly diagnosed cancer babies during 2016. These will be gifted to Mothers of newly diagnosed Cancer babies when they are admitted to hospital for the first time after diagnosis.

Financial Sponsorship needed for this Project:

Product Donations Needed for this Project:

  • Wet Wipes
  • Aqueous Cream
  • Baby Face Cloths
  • Medium Size Towels
  • Baby Blankets
  • Medium Size Teddy Bears
  • Baby Powder
  • Bum Cream
  • Ear Buds
  • Baby Nail Scissors
  • Baby Bottles
  • Bowls and Baby Spoons
  • Bottlebrushes
  • Teething Rings
  • Pacifiers

If your Company would like to invest in this lovely Project to spread the love and care that this project was born from, please contact 


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