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The emBRACE Project came about as the result of the plight of mothers who have to give up their jobs to look after their Child with Cancer, often spending months, even years, sitting at their bedside in the hospital and being unable to earn an income.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust decided to launch emBRACE in 2015 in lieu of the usual Mother’s Day celebrations that we do, which constituted visiting the hospitals and giving the Mothers flowers, gifts and a luncheon.

The thinking was that flowers wilt and die within days, a meal is just a meal, and the gifts get used up, whereas the gift of a form of income-generation for the mother would be far longer lasting and is something that could continue to earn her a small income (which could actually be expanded to become a substantial income at a later stage) while being limited to sitting at her child’s bedside.

The mothers of Children with Cancer sitting at their children’s bedsides often do not have money for the simple basics in life such as personal hygiene items, toiletries, food, clothing, transport, something small for their child, etc. etc.

The emBRACE Project is a job-creation and self-earning Project, which means that, even while sitting in hospital, caring for their Child with Cancer, these Mommies can still earn a small income; enough for them to be able to provide the basics for themselves, maybe have a bit spare for treats for their Little Fighters.

Enabling these mothers to keep busy and earn an income will help them financially as well as emotionally and mentally, as it will enable them to buy some basics as well as save a little or buy some little treats for their child; it will keep their minds busy so that they can think of something other than the cancer 24/7 and it will go a long way towards restoring some dignity and hope.

The basic emBRACE Project idea is to provide mothers of children with cancer, with a start-up kit for producing simple bracelets. These kits will be small enough to take with to the hospital, where the mothers often have nothing to occupy themselves with during the times that their child is sleeping.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust will package and re-sell the bracelets to the public via:

Shops – we have some which are already supportive of our Organisation and our cause

Schools – Children and Classes can take it on as a charity project

Businesses – Companies that would be willing to promote the product among their staff or to utilise the bracelets as corporate gifts at company meetings and events

Social Media – Little Fighters Cancer Trust and its supporters would promote and sell via social media sites

The bracelets will be sold for twice the amount that the mothers earn from each unit. There will be a set unit price, to ensure fairness and equal opportunity.

Mothers will be paid for the bracelets they have made BEFORE the bracelets are actually sold, so they will not need to wait for their income.

LFCT will assist the Mommies to “save” a small portion of their earnings by restocking their kits for free for the first three months so that they can get on their feet, so to speak. Thereafter they will be able to restock their kits themselves by purchasing them at cost price from LFCT.

The mark-up per unit, will be utilised by Little Fighters Cancer Trust to:

Cover packaging and distribution costs

Facilitate Duplication of the Project: A portion of each unit’s sale will be retained until enough funds have been accumulated to launch the emBRACE Project in another Pediatric Oncology Hospital Ward.

The plan is that the emBRACE Project will be duplicated in all of the provinces, so that it will eventually include all the Pediatric Oncology Hospital wards in South Africa.


Sponsorship: You can sponsor an emBRACE start-up kit for a Mommy.

Sales: Once we have the very first hospital ward’s Mommies starting to produce bracelets, you can help us sell them at schools, businesses, between friends and family….the possibilities are endless.

If your Company would like to invest in this earning opportunity for Care-givers of children with cancer, giving them a hand-up and freeing them from hand-out's, please contact to discuss the full details of this Project

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