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A Grateful Onco Mom

As a parent with a child with cancer, the challenges are many. When a child has cancer, the entire family is affected. If you have not experienced this journey yourself, you cannot begin to imagine the scope of the challenges that come our way.

When a child gets diagnosed, there’s immediate changes. Most of the time if there’s been 2 incomes, the mom (if she’s been working) gives up her job to be there for the child with cancer.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the utter devastation childhood cancer brings to families.

My family and I went from a good ordinary life of comfort to wondering where our next meal would come from, with no income.

We lost everything on this journey and many days I don’t know how we made it to hospital with my son. Having no money and certainly no money to get something to eat. It broke my heart irreparably to have to tell my ill teenager that he could only have 2 pieces of bread when he clearly was far hungrier than that.

Many days while at hospital with my son, I remember worrying about a meal for my other children at home. One cannot imagine the emotional turmoil dealing with a child with cancer AND worrying about empty stomach’s and lack of basic necessities.

On this journey with cancer, our story about not having such basics as a plate of food, is not unique. In the many months of our journey with cancer I’ve seen hunger and also grateful tears when a hand is extended with something to eat at the other end. Organizations who support families like mine, are truly a God-send. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t even want to think how many times we’d go to bed hungry.

One would think that at times when a child get cancer, family and friends would be a constant source of unconditional support. While this is sometimes the case, it is not always so.

So organizations such as LFCT are a valuable support and resource who sometimes are the only refuge and door to knock on for food.

I can’t stress enough how essential their work is in providing for families like ours. I only have to look at my children to remember the look in their eyes telling them there’s nothing to eat, but LFCT is on their way with groceries. Smiles were priceless… #‎gratitude #‎appreciation


A grateful oncomom* “