Little Fighters Cancer Trust 1







Theresa Nieuwenhuis

26 May 2011

Due to the fact that it is a very rare type of cancer, not like leukemia, there are no statistics or positive feedback from the doctors. Everyday you stand next to that sick bed, watch how needles get forced into your child, watch how the doctors conspire on how to operate / proceed, theaters are your new best friend because you see them so much, hospitals / ICU becomes hotels and medicine becomes like cooldrink, it feels like a lifetime to get test results back and yes then those sleepless nights on how long do I have left with my child.

Tania Goslett invited me on Facebook to join the Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust Facebook Page a while back. On this page you’ll see daily updates on children with cancer, photos, word of hope / joy and also condolences and sympathetic messages for those who have lost their battle.

Xuané has her own Facebook page but I also put a weekly update on Xuané’s well being on the Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust Facebook Page so that everyone is aware of her condition. If I feel down and don’t know how to go on, I just go to the page, paste something on their wall and there will be a response in seconds, words that are uplifting, people that ensures you that they are praying and will not stop!

Tania and her team were so kind to make my little girls’ dream comes true. She had this dream to meet Bobby van Jaarsveld in the flesh. Due to her condition, I couldn’t take her to one of his concerts because we have to drive a long way and she can’t sit for long. I shared this dream with Tania and she said that she is going to try her best. Every time there were hiccups, then he’s away on honeymoon, then he is busy with a concert. But one day positive feedback came back, just when we needed it. He came to visit her one evening at our house. He brought her a cute teddy bear, sweeties and a prayer. Although she was very shy, I know that she will never forget this! Because after he left, this was all we talked about and every time she said he came to visit me, she gave one of those giggles only she can give.

They do so much for the children in need, and not only the children but the parents that is going through this ordeal as well. They are sympathetic, kind and good hearted. They will go out of their way just to make our (parents) pain a little less.

With Xuané’s condition she is permanently on nappies. Tania and Little Fighter’s Cancer Trust did everything in their power to get me sponsors for nappies. I already have 2 sponsors’ thanks to them!

I will be forever grateful for Tania and her team to make our days a little less worry and much brighter!