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Vicky Gerber Rochelle Momberg mother

My daughter, Rochelle Momberg (13 at the time) was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma Leukemia on 13 January 2013.

We are from Port Elizabeth and her treatment required that we had to go to Cape Town (Red Cross Children's Hospital) for 6 months! During the time that Rochelle and I spent in hospital we had the pleasure in meeting the team from Little Fighters Cancer Trust, what a blessing for us!

Being a single parent and raising my two kids on my own, this was a very difficult time for us ( I had to give up my job and my house ) also having a lot of pride in me and will never asked for anything,

LFCT supported us in bringing parcels to hospital which really helped a lot, as we had to pack and leave PE within a day of notice that we are going to Cape Town, and not once, I had to asked for anything, their loving, reaching out hands, were always there and available.

Thank you very much!!!

Further on, they made special days, like Mother’s day, also very special, by having a nice lunch for us, and spoiling the mothers and even Rochelle and the other kids, with lots of gifts! Also a big thank you for arranging meals for all mothers that are 27-7 by their kid’s bedsides...this really helps a lot, and is so thoughtful!

I thank LFCT from the bottom of my heart for all the good deeds!!!


Regards Vicky Gerber.