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Zee Onco mom

I'm a parent who attends G1 Oncology every week with my son. Sometimes his dad is there sometimes we both are there with our son. I'm just writing to let the LFCT people and yourself know how much the daily lunch meal is appreciated.

As someone who has been visiting the hospital at least weekly for the last 4 years and more often than not, there were caregivers sitting or being there for long hours and not eating anything while there. As a family who has been dealing with all kinds of challenges the last 2 yrs, I too have been at hospital with my son, having no food or money to buy any.

So this initiative by LFCT, supplying a very nutritious lunch meal during the week, is sooo appreciated. Its seems the menu is well thought-through and planned as it's varied, tasty and delivered with love. I know there are many caregivers for whom this meal is often the only meal they will have that day.

As a parent attending the Oncology unit at Red X for so long, I meet and speak to lots of other parents. And in the past I have asked the sister in charge if parents too could be given something to eat. This then happened a few times after, but then it stopped again. 


So bless you guys for opening your heart to the caregivers of G1 Oncology. I pray this initiative will be able to run for a very long time as it is sorely needed.